You’ve Made Me so Damn Proud

Ink on Watercolor Art from the “TOMAATO” Art Collection 2018. Each artwork comes signed and dated at the moment of delivery.

You’ve Made Me so Damn Proud

This artwork took me a while to complete, but it wasn’t as troubling with the pen, it came out very nice and I think I managed the different pens excellent compared to previous works I’ve done. 
It is such a shame that who are isn’t always based on the size of our penis, if this was the case most black men should have the confidence taller than the Himalayas. I don’t have the largest of black penis and I am not packing either but knowing it can be speculated as such gives me a certain pleasure in knowing I am on a different level. However, I come to America to see so many black men act stupid I have not seen their penis but for argument sake let’s say I just know in the same way you can tell if someone is a good person to you or not. with that said they should be the elites of society and yet they can do so many stupid things; such as, getting themselves in jail, not having a proper education, limiting themselves on the amount of knowledge they consume etc. what they use as a source of confidence is money, even the poor men lose confidence if they don’t have money. 
I am happy every night when my wife disturbs the neighbors with her moans and groans, I am happy when she says to me A++ or A+. when she used to give me a C- or less I felt like it was the end of the world for me but naturally I got great so great that she doesn’t care if I don’t cuddle because it puts her done like a resting sheep. That makes me happy not money.
I don’t masturbate but I’d like to one day just to let mine knows just how damn proud I am having a slightly above average and working excellent for my wife.

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