Asante BABA

Asante BABA: Thank You Father Drawing, 24 H x 18 W x 0.2 inch

I like my drawings to have a very clean look to them (and they are clean), I always try to aim for artworks that I’ll see in a gallery or on a billboard and go wow that looks so amazing for hours or for seconds respectively. I try to gain the attention of the quick viewer and also for those looking and longing for a moment of rest in the abstract as the realist world can be so daunting at times. The details as the viewer gets close seems to expand as if magnified as well as the details distort and becomes one as the viewers goes away from the artwork, like focusing from two different perspectives. I do paintings and digital drawings too but so far, I am in love with drawing most of all. To Draw I have to drown out or totally give up social media and all forms of communication just to focus on the sounds the drawings make; my mom used to tell me that’s the only way to hear God. My collections are a result of me doing this, sometimes it results in failure to communicate very well with others and I lose valuable relationships, or I have to build them all over again. At times it’s devastating to know I spent all that time creating and people don’t receive me very well when I return on the grid or they don’t appreciate my art that much. I lost my powerful times alone and become merciful to their reactions to my creations and it hurts very much. However, I am growing to understand that not everyone will like my creation and that’s because it’s not for them. I am slowly establishing a fan base who appreciates my art and that is good enough for me.  “There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” –@ryzoncity 

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